We provide fast and realible execution of In and Out of items including the receiving of new items, returns, transfers and even cross-docking. Our personnel are well trained and equipped in Inventory and Storage processes. Our iNControl System automate the controls and processes for executions, documentations, realtime inventory updates and maximizing productivity.



We have warehouse facilities located in very strategic area of Paranaque City and Las Pinas City, providing easy access to Ports and Airports. Our warehouse facilities are spacious and equipped with racking system to store products such as Electronics, Gadgets, Office Supplies, Furnitures, Appliances, raw materials, and other items that caters short term and long term storage requirements.



We are equipped with iNControl System, an online system designed and customized for CitiXpress warehouse and inventory needs. We and the client can easily track and monitor the actual inventory of the products, faster retrieval of items with specific location of where a particular item is stored, order and delivery monitoring, receiving of new stocks and return items and more.



No double handling. All processing from Pick-Up to Unloading, from Storage to Delivery are all handled by equipped and trained CitiXpress employees. Thus, ensure the safety and proper care and handling of all items/products under our care.

Our customer support team will handle all customer concerns sucks as pickup & delivery schedules, delivery status and all delivery related concerns. We also provide dedicated onsite coordinator to handle all concerns and requirements.


Delivery Unlimited

Our broad experience in delivery is our advantage. With hands-on experience with all delivery requirement of different leading supermarkets, malls, warehouses and dealers. Our fleet are all company owned so we have full control of the delivery request. We can maximize our fleet to meet the delivery schedule of clients with certain cut-off time.


Order Management

Inventory Control

Shipping & Delivery

We have warehouse facilities located in Paranaque City and Las Pinas City for short term and long term storage needs.